I’m a free bird!

Being an escort is easier said than done. I mean, I get free sex, men want me and the extra money is great. But at times, I have to deal with men who are not as classy and fun as you want them to be. Attending a social event or a visit to an art gallery with an overly possessive man or a psycho is a nightmare. It not only turns me off. But it also pushes me into a zone where I feel embarrassed and forced. I am a free spirit, and I love being a free bird at work. You hire me for a reason. So if you are going to restrict me, trust me, you are going to miss a lot of my moves.

I love to deliver.

You can safely say that I know how your pants work 😉 If I have an opportunity in private or in public, I will make sure you are having a good time down there. If this is the kind of experience you want, this is precisely the kind of service I love to deliver. Free-flowing and natural. I am not going to dominate you until you tell me to do so. But if you cannot allow me to be in my skin, the fun is way too less.

My favorite clients.

There are a few men I love going out with always. In fact, they hire me every time they are in Antwerp, and I love to accompany them to their meetings and then a relaxing session at their hotel. They never complain, treat me nicely and in return, get to feel a lot of me on their body. I deliver with all my heart and body, and you can see it on their face and in their feedback. These are the kind of clients I want in my life, and if you are this kind of a man, you are entirely a rockstar.

– Stella –