You have probably gone French on someone and you are already thinking that you have mastered the art. I know what all goes into a perfect and an excellent French kiss; and since you guys love me so much, I am going to tell you things about French kiss that I have learnt from my experiences.

Feel it!

Tongue, ok, I get it. It is important; but unless you feel it in your heart, a French kiss is like any other usual kiss. A French kiss is supposed to be romantic, classy and sassy. If you are going to make it materialistic and just focus on tongue and sucking the saliva out of each other, it is going to be nothing but a wet mess. When you French kiss someone, mean it. I am not asking you to fall in love with the other person but at least be truthful to the feeling of kissing.

But beware!

You kissed someone because you were in love with them? Good for you. BUT, if you are kissing someone just to be in bed with them or just because you found them hot and wanted to taste them, beware that you might end up in love with them. I find myself all turned up and wanting my client inside me right after a French kiss. It is because I put my soul in it. I make it memorable for them and a big tease for myself. Whatever, I enjoy it.

Close your eyes…

Wikipedia tells you to lock your lips and send in your tongue to deliver the message but it does not tell you to be soft and smooth. Begin by closing your eyes and follow the first tip and your body will auto pilot you to satisfaction.

Thank me later!

– Sandra –