What is My Favourite Food?

I’m a food lover!

You know what is the most difficult part of being a fashion model? You have to be all thin and fit. You just cannot afford to gain a single pound or a single inch around the waste. It shows and looks worse than wearing crocs to a gala. If you are someone who does not like food much then you can do just fine in the industry but if you are someone like who likes to eat and binge once a while, this is a problem, and a big one. Anyway, over the years, my liking for food has minimized but once in a while, I crave for it BIG TIME.

What do I like to eat?

My favourite food is Italian. Classic Italian food is what I rejoice the most. Ravioli and Spaghetti are my all-time favourite. I just love the idea of meatballs with spaghetti, some red wine and a handsome man telling me interesting stories of his life. In Los Angeles, there are a lot of Italian restaurants which serve authentic Italian taste. I would recommend Del Posto. It’s fancy, cozy and serves the most amazing Italian dishes. I love their Ravioli and I totally recommend it to everyone visiting the place. When at home, I also cook Italian dishes every now and then to satisfy my taste buds. I am not the best cook but my Italian friends tell me that I can be one if I practice regularly; but who has time for that?

And for Desserts?

I like a slice of a delicious truffle cake or panna cotta. I prefer panna cotta but since not every restaurant knows the traditional way to create this dessert recipe, I usually end up eating truffle. Do you know of any place that serves delicious panna cotta?

– Melissa –