First Impression Matters!

My agency called me to tell me about my next assignment. They said that a young entrepreneur had hired me for a day and I am supposed to entertain him in his hotel accommodation. “Young?” I asked and they told 25’ish. Well, that’s definitely young. With experience I have learnt that in our business, first impressions matters a lot. Which means that I need to create an impact on the young fella as soon as I enter his room. So, why not go for the-girl-next-door look, with a twist?

What to Wear?

Young. Hmm… What would he possibly like? How about dressing up as a 20 something young girl with big boobs that everyone has a crush on? Exactly, this is what I need to throw him off and keep him engaged in my melons. I can definitely pull it off with my curvy body and fresh looks. Let’s dive into the wardrobe then.

Let’s complete the Look…

Ok, what do I need? A hot lingerie. White or red? Probably red. Done! A black dress? No, that’s too formal. Ripped jeans? Too casual. A playsuit? Perfect. A flowery, colourful playsuit which will expose my legs. Spot on. Now, on accessories. I definitely need a cute bag but a sophisticated one. Some big loopy earrings and a dark lipstick to complete the sexy look. I better not forget my sunglasses. You never know what the clients plan. You have to be ready for every damn thing. Should I wear boots or heels? Men like heels. So, red stilettos it would be. They look slutty and sexy. Perfect to let him know that I am in to make him happy. Do I need to carry anything else? Just my ‘girl next door’ attitude AND that will be all ladies and gentlemen.

– Lucy –