I absolutely love Japanese food. Most of the people find it weird because they saw some stupid YouTube videos. But believe me, Japanese food is delicious. Anyway, today I am not going to brag about how much I am in love with dishes from Japan but I am going to tell you 4 ridiculous tips that people have given me when it comes to making and eating Japanese food.

Don’t slurp the soup.

In most of the cultures, slurping your soup is considered impolite. However, in Japanese culture, it is the best compliment you can give to a chef. If you are slurping your soup quickly, it means that you liked the dish and what else can a chef want from his guests?

Pass the food with a chopstick.

Never ever do that. It is considered an insult to the Japanese culture. It reminds them of their tradition of passing the cremated bones between the chopsticks. If you need to pass food around the table in a Japanese restaurant, just use a plate, or place food on the small plate and pass it around.

Leave it on the plate if you are full.

This is a practice that the rest of the world follows but Japan. If you order something, just finish it. Leaving food in the plate is considered impolite behaviour and a sign that you did not like the food. Maybe you do not have taste buds for Japanese but why should the Tokyo be embarrassed because of your lack of flavours.

Just put more soy sauce if Wasabi does not taste good

I have noticed several people dipping their wasabi in a bowl full of soy sauce because the flavour was not as per their taste. Let me tell you that the Chef ensures that your wasabi has the perfect amount of soy sauce. Anything more than that would have probably spoilt the dish. Now, you know what not to do.

– Evi –