I have been working in the adult entertainment industry as a premium escort and a high-end model for some time. I have worked with several established brands in the last few years, and I love my job. Although I have come a long way from where I was, I still remember my first day as an escort.

I was hired by a businessman from France who was in Brussels to meet some suppliers. I always had a thing for entrepreneurs, and this guy got all my attention from the first minute I met him. However, I knew, more than he had my attention I had his, mainly my tits. He took me to a big hotel for lunch where he told me about his business trip and how hot and beautiful I was looking. He was still speaking when I wanted to start the show and express my will to service him well, and so I started with a footsie. Rubbing my legs on his and suddenly there was silence everywhere and serenity in his eyes. The lunch and footsie continued for another 15 minutes, and then he excused himself to the toilet. ‘Well done Monica’ I thought!

When he returned, we left for the charity event where he met some people. I was the centre of attraction, and my boobs and legs gathered all of it with grace. Come on, I am a model, who does not want me! Anyway, we stayed there for a little over an hour, and by the time my client was done with his 4th round of bourbon, I was bored and wanted some action. So, I came closer to him and told him about how wet my satin panties were. At once he jumped out of his chair, bid goodbye to everyone and we left for the hotel. I was already craving sex, and this made me hornier. We rushed to his hotel room and the rest, I will share with you in my upcoming posts. 😉

– Monica –