Kinky Feet!

For me, feet are an important part of my body and my business. Not only am I a well establish foot model, I have clients who pay me thousands of dollars to worship my pretty feet. If you are new to kinks, you probably have never heard about foot fetish or foot worship. Some people find it weird but many men and women get turned on by a sexy pair of feet. I don’t find it weird, I find it sweet.

My Feet need your Attention!

Why? Try asking your partner to kiss your feet and cum all over it and you will know why! It is an amazing feel. You have someone going mad at your foot, kissing it like a dog, licking it like their life depends on it and in return asking for nothing but a good smile. That is it! What would you call it if not sweet?

How do I Pamper my Feet?

Enough about why do I care so much about my feet and coming to how do I do it. I have a set routine that I follow: scrub, wash, clean and moisturize. After a rough day at work, they tend to lose their shine and that is when they demand some love and care. I start with scrubbing with a scrubber. I clean the soles, between the toes, the heel and till the ankle. Once scrubbed, I wash them with warm water and let them dry naturally for a while. It usually takes about 5 minutes more or less. Once dry, I pour a handful of moisturizer on and massage firmly. The top, the bottom, the toes till the ankles. And that is how you keep them clean and shiny for your lovers.

– Stella –