There is no point being physically stunning, if you have no personality, or think you’re better than others. A genuinely high-class woman never treats anyone less than herself. She is the epitome of love and kindness, not rudeness or narcissism. Positivity outweighs negativity in this woman’s life, and she is not a complainer or a prima donna/ princess/ diva, call it what you will.


You should be able to adjust to situations quickly and converse with new people easily. You need to be open to affectionate adventures and create intimate, trusted connections with clients, as with any boyfriend. You need to be extremely friendly, well groomed, caring and reliable. You should feel comfortable with your body, be very classically stylish and discreet, and never discuss clients with anyone outside the agency.


A business mind is essential. Conducting yourself with reliability and professionalism will decide whether you succeed or fail. Treat your job here as you would any regular position. Whenever appointments need to be changed or cancelled due to circumstances, we expect proof of these exceptional circumstances as would any employer (e.g. sick, accident, …).


Make sure you are on time for a meeting. Better to be early than 5 minutes too late. We expect a gps screenshot when you are on the road to your meeting. Resend a gps screenshot when it indicates your arrival time has changed due to traffic jams or other obstacles. If you leave an appointment unmet or a gentleman disappointed, he’ll never call to meet you again. If we need to compensate a client for any of these reasons (being late or cancelation), it will go into your account as extra compensation fee.


You have the freedom to fill in your own sheduele. Start = time that you are able to arrive at a client’s location. Take into account 1 hour drive. End = time that you want to leave from a client’s location. If you’re never available, you’ll never be called for appointments. This is entirely up to you. Obviously the more you are available, the higher your income can be. But you don’t want to start feeling burned out either.


Maintain your fresh, loving nature and pure soul. Your natural poise and style should be elegant, understated and classic. Always wear an elegant dress, stay-ups, sexy lingerie (preferably garterbelt), high heels, hair loosely styled.

Looks & Style

You will arrive impeccably groomed at a meeting. This means you take a shower at home and not upon arrival at the meeting. A one-hour date is 60 minutes full attention towards your company. When you feel the need to shower or freshen up afterwards, you can do so when your 60 minutes have passed. Customers are incredibly sensitive to companions who “steal” time by taking showers.


Our success is a team effort, and mutual trust is important. Getting to know you is also a high priority for us at the agency, so we’re able to ascertain your preferences, and to build mutual trust into our business relationship. We tend to work on a strike system. Everyone is given the benefit of the doubt, but if unreliability is repeated, we generally will politely invite you to leave. We will only work with the most reliable ladies with a proper mentality and well-bred conduct.