My Experience with a French Man

French men are the best kissers!

Thanks to one of my clients, I experienced it and now I stand by it. I am yet to meet a man who can kiss better than my French guy. He knows exactly the amount, taste and duration. What to do with the tongue, the lips and how long the kiss should last. Until I had gone out with him, I had never believed this statement but now that I know one French guy, I think I know why they say that French are the best kissers. BUT, you know what they don’t tell you? They don’t tell you that French are the best kissers down there too. Let me share one little incident that happened before he left for Paris.

My Perfect Lover!

I was hired by this gentleman from France for two days when he visited Brussels. He was tall, handsome and bright. I was instantly in love with his company and could not wait to fall in his arms. Anyway, long story short, he fucked me well and we had a great time in bed. The surprise came on the morning when he had to leave. Both of us got up, ready to check out from the hotel. He was going straight to the airport and my agency had sent a car for me to go back home. I said goodbye to him with a big smile, in response to which he turned back and gave me another of his great kisses. The kiss was too good to be interrupted and therefore I let him do whatever he wanted.

Pure Pleasure!

He threw me on the bed. I still had not put on my panties and that is what made the deal even sweeter. I was all naked and he was now French kissing me. The same feelings, the same softness, wetness and sexiness that was in his previous kisses was present in his last kiss to me too. He made me moan and grab the sheets with his tongue. He knew the stuff, he had the moves. This French guy did not only know how to kiss the lips, he could kiss any part of a woman’s body with the same feeling. It lasted for a few minutes. He then got up, kissed me goodbye – SEXY …and left me panting for more.

– Sandra –