Nova is a delightful sight to see, the type that makes heads turn wherever she goes. She is an attractive woman with sultry lips and incredibly long legs, real eye candy. This vibrant, enthusiastic woman has plenty of life experience and absolutely loves to be in the company of men. She is a lady you do not want to miss!

This cheerful girl is always positive and charming. You will surely feel ‘happy vibes’ in her presence. Her native language by birth is Dutch, and she also speaks English fluently. She does everything with a 100% commitment and dedication. Her mission is to contribute to the Sensuelas concept. Thus, her ambitious mind and go-getter spirit will come in good use for meeting those standards. For sure, you will experience it exactly that way when you are on a date with Nova.

She likes to meet new people with whom she can build an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. You will immediately feel at ease because of her open nature and warm character. She will have you experience moments of intimacy in all its dimensions. With this girl, you can completely relax. That is to say, until she shows you the highlight of her company! Anyway, you’d better get ready to discover a whole new level of relaxation.



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