Meet Daan, our Male Escort for Women, providing a variety of services including companionship for that special dinner date; your partner for that select social event; or your erotic liaison to share a sensual evening with. His easy-going nature and conscientious demeanour will be sure to make your shared time together enjoyable and intoxicating.

When you first meet, you may be a bit shy, mixed in with emotions of excitement, fantasy and a sense of adventure. However, Daan will make you feel at ease immediately, as he is very open-minded and relaxed. He is always open to new ideas and experiences.

Daan finds fulfilment by pleasing as well as being pleased. Be it in an intimate setting, a romantic interlude, a naughty moment of full attention and pampering or accompanying you out socially. If you are looking for a handsome straight male escort companion then look no further. Daan is always a gentleman and with a pinch of humor, he will show you how to réally treat a woman!



Contrary to common misconceptions, working as a male escort is not about getting plenty of bedroom fun. It takes an exceptional man to cater to women as a male escort. As we know, arousal of the mind is equally important. A most obvious fact recognised by women, but something still ignored by many men in society.


It involves a 3/4 hour introduction over a drink. Typically for first timers. You can get to know Daan to see if you both match. Find out if your wishes and desires can be fulfilled.




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