Are you my Kind of Man?

Most men are intimidated by me. Not because I am beautiful but because I have more balls than them. My exposure to escorting has help me build a character that is highly authoritative and demands attention. Men who lack sophistication find this awkward and thus, eventually feel demotivated around me. Not that I do it on purpose but I feel that there is certain level of sophistication and classiness that every man should carry. It should be like your identification. When you walk into a board room or when you walk into a room full of audience, your character and your presence should demand attention.

Can you Handle me?

I am not bragging but when I walk the ramp, I make sure all the eyes in the room are on my body. Not just men, women love my presence and why not? I show confidence in the way I talk and move. That is what my USP has been since the beginning of my career. I know how to carry myself and sell myself as a brand.

Surely, I will make you Feel Good!

I have been with men that know how to carry themselves magnificently. But I have also gone out with men who struggled with their self-esteem. Nevertheless, I don’t disregard a situation or a human because I don’t know their complete story. That is why I try to bring out the best version of them. They feel good with me, they are my company and if I can help them with a few kind words, why not? It’s true that I love the company of men who are confident but I never, ever disregard the men who are not that. I treat them equally well. They hired me for a reasons and I make sure I fulfil that need.

– Sandra –