Get yourself tested

Our models were invited by Violett for a medical examination. An information package was provided with some useful goodies. We want to thank the volunteers and staff at Violett for their support and engagement toward our sector!

Are you a sex worker?

At Violett, you can get yourself tested free of charge and anonymously. You can visit the doctor in Antwerp, Gent and Hasselt. Would you like the doctor to come to your workplace? Violett visits many private houses, erotic massage parlours, windows, clubs, and likewise in Flanders. If they have not yet visited your workplace, call or e-mail and check together what is convenient.

For general questions, for a visit to the doctor, for social help, etc.

Antwerp: Verversrui 3, 2000 Antwerp, Phone +32 3 293 95 91
Gent: Brabantdam 100B, 9000 Gent, Phone +32 9 233 47 67
Hasselt: Ertbeekstraat 34, 3500 Hasselt, Phone +32 11 33 30 58
Email: [email protected]