So, this one client was on a business trip to Barcelona and he was meeting some hot shots of his industry. He was in Barcelona for 3 days and he hired me for all three days. We attended some social events where he was invited as a guest. Then I showed him around the city, much like a tourist walk.

Hands of gold!

We checked out some pubs with live music and he found all of it very cool. Obviously we were fucking in the nights but that is not what I want to discuss right now. There was more than just fingering he did to me with his hands and oh my god, was that heaven? This old man knew what’s and where’s of my body better than any of my boyfriends or even my sugar daddy. He knows his fingers and moves them in a way that will make any girl moan. He massaged my shoulder, my neck, my back and my legs. It turned him on and I realized, massages are yet one more thing that turned me on too. It was a fantastic experience and I rejoiced each and every bit of it.

Best ones were the foot massages!

After walking with him all day in my 6-inch stilettos, feeling his soft hands on my feet was a treat. He even kissed and licked my feet. Which I recently learnt is a fetish but whatever, I learned every little and big thing he did and I am glad I was hired. Do you guys think that massages are hot too? Man, I would love to go out with more such clients. And foot fetish, I am not sure I am into it now or not. A few experiences will definitely help me make up my mind. But I love the idea of getting my feet licked by a handsome man.

– Christina –