Heels are a woman’s best friends!

They make you look good and more importantly feel good. I feel that high heels are the most feminine thing ever. They come in all shapes and sizes and I am so proud of myself that I can carry any kind of heel I want. Men love it when we wear heels and why not, these babies add so much extra character to our body language. I have seen men literally drooling over my stilettos. I have even encountered men who wanted to kiss my feet and my shoes. Yeah, the ones with feet fetish. For these men, a woman who can wear and carry high heels is like a goddess. They can spend hours licking her pointed heels and spend their life under their soles. Crazy it may sound but people with foot fetish would definitely agree with me.

I need a bigger shoe closet!

Like any other girl, I too love wearing heels. I have like a hundred pairs and I still buy one every other week because I just can’t stop myself. My pumps come in all colours, sexy stilettos, big heeled boots with and without studs and a few platform pairs. I also own a few whacky heels. The ones that you cannot wear anywhere but just to the costume parties. Like this particular cute stiletto I own which looks like I am wearing a unicorn. Obviously I can’t wear them to work but what the hell, who cares? I love them.

Help me out here…

I am now planning to get some pumps with open toes in neon colours; like green and orange. Maybe pink, I am yet to check them out. Plus, I was thinking to get some metallic coloured boots. I think silver will look fantastic. What do you think guys?

– Vanessa –