Boys will be Boys…

I was at a friend’s birthday party last week when all of a sudden I heard a few guys fighting over some pity issue. I don’t understand why some men don’t grow up. They were spoiling my friend’s birthday and the feel of the party. Since no one was willing to stop them, I decided to shush them my way. Now let me tell you. I look stunning in a black dress. I am not bragging but I can even make George Clooney wet when I wear black dress and black pumps. They just look so good on me. I was wearing something similar that night and it was time to turn these horrible men into calm little pets of mine.

Lets shake things up a bit.

So, I started moving towards them with flame in my eyes and vigour in my long legs. The heads were turning which gave me assurance that these two men are going to masturbate thinking about me tonight and many more nights. I continued to move, my hair swaying in the air, my heels making the delicious sound and my breasts filled with confidence.

Bad Boys!

I reached them, held them by their ears, like a sexy teacher, pushed them on a chair and gave them the best lap dance of their lives. Did they feel great? Of course they did. I know when men feel good. Did they masturbate thinking about me? I bet they did, I did not care to finish them off. This is what you get for being a bad boy – a ruined orgasm.

– Vanessa –