What makes People Happy?

Everyone has their own reason to be happy. My reason is my beauty and how men fall at my feet. Brussels is home to some of the hottest people on Earth. Being the European capital, all sorts of business men flood the city. I came here to be a professional model and I achieved it.

This is my Happy Spot!

I then entered the Escort services industry to experiment with my life and I have finally found what makes me happy. Quickly I realized how much I love going out with different men and making them want me. I especially love men from foreign countries. They are different. They bring different things to the table and that is why spending time with them is exciting. Now, I am not the best person to talk about culture but after servicing clients from several countries, I am a highly cultural sensitive woman. But that is unless you take me to bed. In bed I am a wild cat that just wants someone to tame her.

Let me Brighten up your Day!

I am your kitten, but a furious one. Feelings are for amateurs, professionals like me aim for pleasure and that is IT. The next morning, both of us get up, check out who we fucked last night, get dressed and show up as per our schedules. Oh, and while you are still in bed, don’t forget to cherish my beautiful toned legs. I go to gym every single day and when I don’t, I make sure I have the roughest sex and burn my target calories. Thankfully men love to see me getting all wild and crazy in bed. What else could a girl ask for?

– Sandra –