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Did you watch movies as a child and fantasise about film stars and characters? Do you have an image in your mind of the classic film star? Is there a standard of super sophistication when choosing a VIP escort from this service? Well, Camilla could be the one you are looking for. If your travels send you to Kortrijk and you are in need of some elite female company or you need a companion for a diplomatic or business function, you should seriously consider Camilla, a classy, elegant and sophisticated escort. She will impress your colleagues and leave you breathless. Camilla will blow you over when you first meet her with looks from Hollywood or Cinecitta Studios. With her Mediterranean colouring and features that are perfectly formed, blemish-free skin and a killer body, there is nothing more you could ask for in this astonishing lady. Her hair is shining black, reaching beyond her shoulders; her skin is radiant, fine-toned; her eyes are sparkly and mysterious. She is elegant and carries herself with allure and dignity. She is gentle and fragile and will bring out the protective side of you. You may think she can break, she looks like a porcelain doll, but she is very real and loves the company of men. You, and those who meet her, will be left speechless and think you have walked into a 1940’s romantic movie, but Camilla is a top model escort with a very modern mind. She is open and friendly and in touch with all the latest fashions.


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