Last month I went to Barcelona for the fifth time. The city has captured my heart. A lot of people ask me what it is that draws me to it. Barcelona has a lot of things that force me to return to it time and again. I might love London and Washington but Barcelona will definitely be my go-to city and this is why:

La Boqueria

If you are a foodie like me (heck! I cannot binge all the time), La Boqueria is the place to be. This huge market, filled with people from all over the country is filled with foods and drinks from around the world. If you cannot find a certain thing here, you cannot find it in the rest of the world. I love this place for its unity in diversity which can be sensed in the way people do business here.

Fiesta De La Merce

Barcelona calls all the party animals from around the world in the early days of September to watch, enjoy and be a part of an amazing celebration of La Merce. You can find free concerts all over the city, parade of the giants and fore runs for a full one weak. I don’t see the other cities doing it!

Astonishing architecture

One of the fun part of strolling around Barcelona is its beautiful and mesmerizing architecture. The city is filled with masterpieces from the great architects of the past. Most of the ancient buildings are still in good shape and that is what attracts the most tourism to Barcelona. Cathedral is my favourite and if you are the one who loves to learn about the history, you will definitely have a fantastic time in and around the city of Barcelona.

If you ever chooce to go to this astonishing city, I am more than happy to accompany you and guide you to the finest places in and around the town.

– Evi –