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Not only is Sarah an incredibly sexy woman, but this call girl is also university educated. She is passionate about the healthy lifestyle and chooses very carefully what she puts into her mind, as well as her body. She loves books that provoke deep thoughts and good conversation with anyone who is willing. Her years of studying have made her focused, clever and social as well, for, on top of her native Dutch, she speaks English well and even some French and German. Many top model escorts are suitable for one kind of an arrangement or another, but Sarah is perfect for them all. She ticks all the boxes, she can socialize discreetly and conduct low-key, lofty conversations with any high minded person, but can equally astonish you with her hot passion and her love and excitement for what she does.

The Belgian capital is known for many things, it’s the capital of Europe for one, its architecture is unique, mesmerizing and will capture your heart. The atmosphere that it generates, with its hundreds of leafy plazas and the myriad of museums and galleries that contain some of Belgiums and the great artworks of the world, the list is endless. However, when you come here and are in the company of Sarah, be aware that you may not be able to take your eyes off her. Have an expensive dinner in one of many world-famous restaurants in Brussels, like Come Chez Soi or taste the locale cuisine at Fin de Siècle, as Sarah would love to join you. Check out some great lively places in one of the many bars and clubs that dot the city centre or shop in some of the best places in the world in Passage du Nord. It even has a Rolex shop!

When your body and mind have taken in all they can take, bring this sexy senorita to the luxurious comfort of one of the best hotels in Belgium. And there, you can relax, lie back and enjoy all that Sarah has to offer.

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    By: Ulrich | 3 weeks ago

    Since I travel all around Europe on a regular basis, I look for trustworthy and reliable agencies in the cities I frequent most. Luckily I can rely on Sensuelas in most places and now that I’ve heard that they are also coming to The Netherlands I will use their services there too without a doubt.