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3 Things That Turn Me On

Filed in ESCORT DIARY, KATRINA, MY LIFE | Posted by Katrina on 04/07/2018

What turns me on? I am exclusive model with my agency which means that you will never find much about me on the social media or the internet. Everything about me is hidden from the world and only opens to the men who are ready to pay a premium price. People doubt if I am […]

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I Finally Met My Best Friend from College

Filed in ESCORT DIARY, MIRA, MY LIFE | Posted by Mira on 18/06/2018

Having a best friend is one of the best feelings ever. Not only do you have someone to laugh and share with, you also get a shoulder to cry on when it rains. My best friend’s name is Alyssa and we know each other since childhood. We grew up together, went to the same school, […]

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I Rediscovered a Hobby

Filed in ESCORT DIARY, JENNIFER, MY LIFE | Posted by Jennifer on 08/05/2018

I love to party, every one of us does, but that’s not really a hobby. Looking good, feeling good, around your favourite people, fun music, getting drunk, throwing up, ending up at the most unexpected places and remembering nothing the next day. This is the kind of parties I love. Last Friday, after a very […]

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Come, Play With Me Love

Filed in ANNABEL, ESCORT DIARY, MY LIFE | Posted by Annabel on 11/04/2018

Everyone in LA has their own reason to be happy. My reason is my beauty and how men fall at my feet. LA is home to some of the hottest people on Earth. Thanks to the celebrity stature enjoyed by the city, all sorts of artist flood the city in an attempt to get into […]

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My First Blog

Filed in ESCORT DIARY, GAIL, MY LIFE | Posted by Gail on 25/03/2018

Here goes my first effort to write for my blog. Hi everyone. My name is Gail and I am a professional escort. I don’t really like writing so much and hence you won’t find much activity on my blog but since I know you people want to know more about me, I thought I will […]

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I wish I could adopt a Dog

Filed in ESCORT DIARY, MY LIFE, SASHA | Posted by Sasha on 08/03/2018

Apart from make-up, there is just one more thing that a girl needs in her life and that is a pet dog. I, for one, am in love with them. They are so adorable and sweet. My friend owns one and I know the bond theye share. He loves her and demands nothing but her […]

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