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3 Things That Turn Me On

What turns me on? I am exclusive model with my agency which means that you will never find much about me on the
social media or the internet. Everything about me is hidden from the world and only opens to the
men who are ready to pay a premium price. People doubt if I am worth all the pain and money and I
guess the concern holds true up to an extent. So, I thought I would tell the men who are interested
in hiring me, what they can expect when they hire me in bits and pieces through my blogs.
So, let’s start with me and things that turn me on.
I am an intellectual person. I have a college degree and I love reading magazines. I have an interest
in human psychology and honestly, studying human behaviour fascinates me. I dig men who are
intelligent and who can start an intelligent conversation and make it dirty.
I am also turned on by men who have an ambition in their life. Ok, I am not going to be your
girlfriend but if I like you, trust me, you are going to have the best sex of your life with me. I am
good, just saying. I also like men who dress sharply and stay neat. My agency treats me as a
premium escort because I maintain myself. I make sure I look good around billionaires.
Adventures and interesting situations turn me on too. You love road trips? Tell me stories. Climbed
Mt. Everest? Why don’t you climb my boobs? You love deep see diving? You would probably love
diving in my pussy too. I love playing sports and staying fit. If you are a man who is into fitness, I am
in love with you.